This is a tumblr dedicated to the sweetest and most talented boys out there, Action Item!




Brian Cag - Vocals/Guitar
Anthony Li - Guitar/Cello
Mark Shami - Piano
David Buczkowski - Bass
Dan Brozek - Drums

After a very successful tour with Andy Grammer, the boys are heading out this spring/early summer with Hot Chelle Rae! Get your tickets and special listening party tickets at!

And get 'Marching Band' on iTunes starting April 3rd! Watch out for great new music coming at you soon!
Action Item is one of the hottest pop bands with high profile Summer 2011 tours with Allstar Weekend, Honor Society & We the Kings. Originating from New Jersey, these five boys have been making a name for themselves all over the country with their refreshing sound, charm and charisma. You may have seen them open for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez or on their two national tours supporting Hollywood Record's Allstar Weekend. They have also supported acts like Boys Like Girls, NeverShoutNever & The Veronicas along with festivals like Bamboozle and Warped Tour. The band released their 7 Song EP entitled "The Stronger The Love" August 2010. It debuted at #34 on Billboard's Heatseakers Chart & by December 2010 has sold over 15,000 copies. In November, the band's lead single, "Somewhere Out There" landed regular rotation on Radio Disney and is currently in the Top 15 on their Countdown. "Everything Falls Back Down" later landed on the Radio Disney charts making it the second radio hit off the EP. Chelsea Kane later dueted on the song making it yet another success. You saw them on huge 2011 summer tours with Allstar Weekend, in June with Honor Society & then July/August We the Kings/Hot Chelle Rae/Summer Set/Downtown Fiction.


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